Individual Treatment Sessions

Japanese Acupuncture

Japanese Acupuncture treatments are designed according to the Kurumadani Form from Master Koji Ichihashi, using a gentle, yet dynamic technique combined with Aroma Acupoint Therapy (AAT), Medical Shiatsu, and Acupressure to create and sustain physical, mental and emotional health.

Harmonic Healing Sessions with the Tibetan Tones® Singing Bowls

Bowls are placed directly on specific points on the body—possibly in conjunction with AAT and/or acupuncture—to balance energetic frequencies and bring deep relaxation and healing.

Pediatric Treatments

Children are dynamic forces that respond effectively and efficiently to acupuncture and Oriental Medicine techniques. Often tools other than acupuncture needles are employed for children under seven, though each child is considered individually.

CranioSacral Therapy

(CranioSacral Therapy is integrated into treatment sessions with other modalities).

Facial Acupuncture (“Acu-Face Lift”)

Nutritional & Herbal Consultations

Individual Instruction in Yoga, Qi Gong, Meditation, & Acupressure

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